the indian ocean



Have you ever dreamed of lying down on a white sandy beach on a secluded island, a natural wonder of the world? Well, stop there! Here at RIA Select Travel we make that dream come true. Visit the white crystal sands and lagoons in the Maldives or the blue lagoons and pristine volcanic islands of Mauritius. You can even explore the beauty of the Seychelles, known for crimson sunsets, white beaches and some of the best snorkelling and scuba diving spots in the world. IF you enjoy safaris, you can take a trip to Sri Lanka, where there is plenty to tempt you away from the beach. You can explore the natural habitats of the animals on the island in the National Parks or climb for 1.5 to 3 hours to get to the top of Sigiriya Rock located in the northern Matale District to see the ancient fortress. Indian Ocean certainly has a lot to offer. 

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