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Australia is such a popular bucket list destination you can spend weeks here and still have so much to see and do. Australia is actually an island continent how awesome is that? It is the 6th largest country in the world.

Home to the Great Barrier Reef the worlds largest living organism you can see why it is a super popular destination for divers and marine lovers as well as surfers paradise with the fantastic beaches.

Fun fact there are 3 times as many sheep than people in Australia. The wildlife here is just amazing from quokkas on rottnest island you could not possibly visit without seeing one of those – to kangaroos leaping a massive 30 foot in one single leap. Most definitely the koala bears for there cuteness. You will fit right in here if you have a love for nature.

From hiring a motor home to the most famous hotels including Palazzo Versace Gold Coast .. yes the one featured on I’m a celebrity we can offer it all to enhance your trip and make it a true trip of a lifetime here in Australia.


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