Deep blue waters – a paradise on earth




Known as the land of perpetual summer you will find the worlds most stunning beaches. Seychelles is made up of a huge 115 islands in the tranquil Indian Ocean, making this a top rated beach lovers paradise. A true tropical paradise Pearl white sand with the most amazing ocean. Set on the island is a true tropical vibe with the jungle home to many amazing wild life in particular on Bird Island you can remain just a visitor while the island is untouched with the most amazing marine life and giant tortoises roaming the island. 

Seychelles is a perfect beach paradise, island hopping gives you an amazing experience with so much to see and do. 

Another top tip, did you know Seychelles was once a pirate hideout? It is believed there is still to this day the unfounded treasure worth an estimated £160 million!! 


Why not try some of the iconic Breadfruit whilst you are visiting the sensational Seychelles? 


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